Choosing the right 3-in-1 Bathroom Light, Heater and Exhaust Unit

The 3-in-1 bathroom unit has revolutionised how we function in the bathroom. By combining the three necessities of the modern day bathroom – lighting, heating and ventilation – into one unit, the 3-in-1 unit provides a space saving, stylish and functional solution to meeting our everyday bathroom needs.

Given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom, it is worth investing some time into finding the right unit to meet your needs.

Benefits of Using a 3-in-1 Bathroom Light, Heater and Exhaust

A 3-in-1 bathroom unit is a simple way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.  It also, however, provides some very practical benefits.

  • Space saving, sleek designs
  • No need to install separate lights, heaters or ventilation units
  • Ability to individually control functions from a single switch point
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money

Choosing the right 3-in-1 Bathroom Light, Heater and Exhaust Unit - Bathroom Light

Tips to Choosing the Right 3-in-1 unit for your Bathroom

3-in-1 bathroom lights, heater and exhaust units come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs and prices to suit a variety of personal tastes, budgets and needs.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your 3-in-1 unit:

  1. Heating

    3-in1 bathroom units come in a variety of configurations – two or four heat lamps, which are the most common, or a large single heat lamp.  Your choice will be guided by the size of your bathroom.  For most small bathrooms, two heat lamps will be sufficient, while medium to large bathrooms generally require four heat lamps.

It is important to note that bigger is not necessarily better when thinking about heating your bathroom.  Heat lamps use a radiant heat, and so provide an immediate heat that is very effective in heating you quickly.  Bigger than necessary could certainly make you too hot in a small space, and will certainly use more electricity than may actually be necessary!

  1. Lighting

    As with most lighting options now, consider LED.  Most new 3-in-1 units come LED equipped, as opposed to the previous energy guzzling halogen options.  LED options are much more energy efficient, have a longer lifespan and produce a brighter and wider frame of light.

  2. Ventilation

    The exhaust fan is the most important feature to get right when considering your choice of 3-in-1 unit, as the exhaust fan is responsible for removing steam from the air that will create condensation when it meets the cold surfaces of your bathroom.  This condensation can lead to mould and mildew, which can be a costly expense to your back pocket and your health.

The size and capacity of your exhaust fan will depend on the size of your bathroom.  The capacity of your exhaust fan is generally measured in m³/hr.  As a rough guide, a 5m³ bathroom will require a 100m³/hr unit; a 10m³ bathroom, a 200m³/hr unit; and for the larger 20m³ bathroom, a 400m³/hr unit.

  1. Choice of Design

    Your choice of design and manufacturer should include considerations such as:

  • Size of unit – while the size of the unit you choose will generally depend on the number of heat lamps and the unit’s exhaust capacity in relation to your bathroom size, it is always good to also consider the ceiling and wall space you have in your bathroom.  You want to ensure the size of your unit is not overwhelming the space.
  • Colour – most 3-in-1 units come in white or silver.  Consider a colour that will blend with your bathroom, and also outlast any current trends.
  • Energy efficiency – by considering more energy efficient units you could save some dollars on your power bills, and help to reduce your energy footprint.
  • Timer option – some units come with, or can be fitted with, a timer that allows for all moisture to be extracted from the room, even after you would normally have switched the unit off.
  • Noise level – check the noise output, and where possible, listen to the unit running.  You don’t want to destroy the ambience of your bathroom sanctuary with a noisy unit!