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Bring Warmth to your Home with Timber Lighting

Adding timber lighting to your home decor is a perfect way to add that feeling of warmth to your home.  The feeling of warmth in a space can be just as important as actually walking into a warm room! 

why timber lighting?

Nothing beats the texture and warmth of natural materials in our homes, and top of the list of natural materials, for most of us, is timber.  The grain, the texture, the tone, it all helps bring life to spaces, and to bring a sense of warmth to our home.

How does timber achieve this?  Unlike other materials such as plastic or metal, timber has a colouring and texture that provides a natural “warmth” or cosiness.  Each piece of timber is unlike any other, with it’s own unique combination of colour, tones and features that give it character, and so, in turn, bringing character to your space.

There are some studies that suggest that timber carries with it some properties that are also good for our well-being, including having a calming and relaxing effect, helping to explain that feeling of “warmth” we get from the use of timber in our homes.

There are easy ways to bring timber elements into your home without creating feature timber walls or spending a ton of money on costly renovations.  One of the easiest ways to introduce elements of timber is through homewares, furniture pieces, or even through lighting.

Add warmth with timber lighting

Timber lighting by design

The warmth timber lighting can bring to a space makes it an easy choice for making a room look and feel cosy and inviting. 

Timber lighting can enhance and compliment the soft design of a space, or it can create a soft edge in a more industrial or modern space.  Give a cool space warmth with timber lighting, or an “artificial” space an organic feel.

By it’s very design, timber can help to compliment, or to offset, other design features in your home.

Soften spaces with timber lighting

timber lighting by nature

As a natural element, timber lighting can have the effect of “bringing the outdoors in”. Most modern Australian homes are built around the idea of living indoors and outdoors, and so, always looking for ways to draw elements from one to the other to give us that feeling of extended space.

By adding a little of the outdoors inside your home, it is also a great reminder that warmer months are not far from reach!

While it may not add to the feeling of warmth in your home, timber lights are also a great eco-friendly solution to lighting!

Other benefits to timber lighting

There are a multitude of benefits to using timber lighting to add that element of “warmth” to your home.

  1. It is relatively inexpensive compared to the costs of refurnishing or renovating entire spaces.
  2. It adds a “touch” of warmth to a space without feeling like the space has been wrapped in a warm blanket.
  3. It allows combinations of elements such as timber lights with touches of metal or iron to compliment and tie a space together.
  4. By it’s very nature, it changes with the light. For instance, a timber light will produce a different lighting effect with a warm white, as opposed to a cool white, light globe.
  5. It is easily changed out depending on the trend or use of the space.
  6. It is unique as no two pieces of timber will ever be exactly the same.

If you would like to add a little warmth to your home, speak to Rovert Lighting & Electrical about a timber light to suit your needs and your decor. For other ways to help add that feeling of warmth to your home, see our Lighting Tips to Make your Home Feel Warmer During Winter.

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